First performance in Sao Paulo

Brazil is an astonishing country where oracles are integrated in people's life and accessed at any corner of the streets. If building a machine which can elaborate answers is a long, complex research, creating a performance as a ritual act is a preparatory experiment which can teach about oracles and the way they manifest themselves.

The very first Oracle Machine performance took place on July 24th 2009 in Sao Paulo, in the theater of SESC - Avenida Paolista at the Pure Data convention. The idea was to develop a noise patch able to generate 'syllabation', and speech, xname, the xaman, invited the Oracle to speak through an old telephone. Some people understood, others were scared... The live-set lasted approximately seven minutes, protagonist was a beautiful image, a votive mirror offered as medium to higher spheres. This edition of the Oracle Machine featured Pan&Tone as coral noiser and Ricardo Palmieri as delayer and special effects master.