Plate X shows us the names of these governers in the four Watch-Towers.
Compare with Plate III.
Note that the sigil of each Governor is unique; the four sigils at the corners of Plate X. without the great square are those of the four great Elemental Kings:—
Air Tahaoeloj.
Water Thahebyobeaatan.27
Earth Thahaaotahe.
Fire Ohooohaatan

These are Most Solemn Invocations. Use these only after other invocations. Key
tablet hath 6 calls, 1 above other 5.1
1: Governs generally as a whole the tablet of Union. Use it first in all invocations
of Angels of that tablet, but not at all with other 4 tables.
2: Used as an invocation of Angels E H N B representing governance of Spirit in the Tablet of Union: also precedes, in the second place, all invocations of Key tablet
Angels. Not used in invocations of 4 other tables.
3, 4, 5, 6: Used in invocations of Angels of Tablet of Union, also of angels of 4
terrestrial tablets, thus—
3: Used to invoke Angels of the letters of the line E X A R P
For those of Tablet ORO as a whole and for the lesser angle of this tablet, which is that of the element itself, viz. I D O I G O. So for others—
The remaining 12 Keys refer to the remaining lesser angles of the tables, the order of the elements being Air, Water, Earth, Fire.
Pronounce Elemental language (also called Angelic or Enochian) by inserting the next following Hebrew vowel between consonants, e.g. e after b (bEth), i after g (gImel), a after d, etc