As if composing a message

An oracle is an appeal or a question asked to an element or entity of another kind, surpassing the ontological status of humanity. Inside the attitude to ask for answers outside the Self is a diffuse sense of insecurity, and confusion of perceptions, but, also, the tendency to construct a meta-level of comprehension where elements become signifying because a system appears to have a certain structure, and intrinsic and extrinsic relations are considered relevant. A diffuse level of uncertainty is present whereas articulated language is at use: the path traced by rational science leads to a chasm where concomitant possibilities are obfuscating any image, rendering logicians and their instruments tremendously fragile, and metamorphic: everything depends on the perspective of the observer, and reality becomes slightly out of measurement.

While everything is to be interpreted, the process of interpretation itself is mastering the creation of an alternative reality which states its cohesion and isolation. On a first place, the idea of a software device able to make decisions for others suggests an extreme level of rational complexity. On the other side, the question whether a human-made machine can reach a perfection which stands above uncertainty is controversial, and how to implement this is at stake. Can a machine (made of inert matter) produce divination, if this is an action alchemically composed of intuition, belief and interpretation?