The intrinsic strategic nature of the act

The generative semiotics of the 'Paris School', which is based on that linguistic tradition originated from De Saussure and Hiemslev - and whose most representative member is Algirdas Greimas - offers incredibly appropriate instruments to approach (and dissect) a symbolic system. According to the generative hypothesis, semiotics is the study of systems and processes of signification. The basilar postulate is that the signification of a text can be articulated in different levels, from the most abstract to the concrete, along the 'generative trajectory'.

Formalism and trust

What we learn from our everyday experience in the technologic world of comfort and commodities, is that machines are intrinsically different from humans. First of all, they are honest: machines are not programmed to lie to people, and, whenever they make a mistake, they would declare it. Whereas humans tend to deny or hide mistakes, machines pre-emptively advise us of any possible error. Thus, when we learn how to use machines, we learn how to trust machines.

Mythical Spells

#sympathetic rites 01 - similarity
if x(god, saint, hero):
do such & such2;
while circumstance = bla;

then x(god, saint, hero):
do such & such2;
while circumstance = bla2;


In set theory, an ordinal number, or just ordinal, is the order type of a well-ordered set. They are usually identified with hereditary transitive sets. Ordinals are an extension of the natural numbers different from integers and from cardinals. Like other kinds of numbers, ordinals can be added, multiplied, and exponentiated. Each turn of the spiral represents one power of ω.

Performance in Salvador da Bahia

The second Oracle was called in Salvador do Bahia on July 31st 2009, near the University, where the jungle reclaims its space. It was 'Interatividade em Sistemas de Computacionais Livre', the performance was open-air, and it wa a collective experiment.

Lecture at Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia

San Salvador July 29 2009

Lecture at Museum of Modern Art of San Salvador, as part of ISCL2009 Interatividade em Sistemas Computacionais Livres, International Symposium in Salvador.

First performance in Sao Paulo

Brazil is an astonishing country where oracles are integrated in people's life and accessed at any corner of the streets. If building a machine which can elaborate answers is a long, complex research, creating a performance as a ritual act is a preparatory experiment which can teach about oracles and the way they manifest themselves.

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