Shamanic trance (N. Drury 1982)

As the trance condition is induced there is a withdrawal of consciousness from the everyday world and a shift toward the inner world of reverie, thoughts and images. In the case of the shaman it is not just that trance is involved, for this condition is also common in the case of mediums, epileptics and schizophrenics. In the person of the shaman we have one who is able to control the trance dimension and who is able to explore the realms of the cosmos which his altered state of consciousness opens for him.

By contrast with the spirit medium who in trance becomes possessed by inhabiting spirits and is often unable when recovering consciousness to recall anything that has transpired, the shaman awakes from the trance with conscious memory of the journey to the gods or ancestral spirits, and full knowledge of magical cures or healing procedures.

Nevill Drury. The shaman and the magician. Journeys between the worlds. 1982.